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Bhoomi foundation is movement, a group which began with just 10 members in 2015 united by Ongole-born Tejaswi Choudary. The aim of bhoomi foundation is cleanliness better yet, "Swatch Bharat". Initially started the cleanliness program in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh and now expanded to Hyderabad, Telangana. Bhoomi Foundation is the first organisation to work on the clean Ongole campaign. Ongole city was announced as a poster-free city by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Recieved Swatchaa Andhra award from Chandrababu Naidu garu. Received best social service certificate in 3 months of inauguration at the district level.

We believe that even a common man can create a ripple effect, which can bring a lot of change in the country. We believe in making people educated, asking or seeking them to give back something to their own country. Ironically, this era is not doing this anymore. Now, it’s time that we come up with a new motto – “Be the change to bring the change”. We believe in a bigger picture of a cleaner India— after all, that’s where it starts. Enforcing a poster-free aesthetic may not be easy in a city whose marketing still thrives on it, but starting at places which enforce a greener means of communication would largely help their strategy.

It’s through encouraging the younger and future generations where we’ll see a lot more persistance and willingly immediate participation. However, our efforts have attracted people of all ages. Notable Hyderabad projects include spot-fixing at the Neeru’s Emporio junction, Independence Day philanthropy in Kondapur and various revamps to bus stands around Hyderabad.

Bhoomi Spotfix

Spotfixes are the events which are usually conducted on weekends. Work on sptfix includes removing posters from the walls, cleaning garbage at spotfix, painting/colouring the area with designs and quotations. Usually, the start time of the spotfix starts at early in the morning at 5:30 AM and may end around 9:30 AM.

The spotfix locaiton(s) will be shared via social media like twitter (tweets), facebook posts and instagram posts. Please follow bhoomi foundation on social media. Links are on the header and footer. Also, the spotfix notifications are sent to our android app. Users can submit spotfix locations from the app.

Bhoomi Smiles

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